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The KickStart Fitness Challenge Begins Soon!

This special 6 Week Starter Challenge is an INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY

When you stick around after the 6 weeks, we will take your transformation to an entirely new level and closer to being the person you have wanted to be for sooo long! We invite you to visit a class at one of our 2 Chattanooga locations.

Check it out and see if it is the right move for you.  No commitments!

The KickStart Challenge is for EVERYONE!

When the right people get the right coaching, meal plan and support, AMAZING things can happen! We have helped hundreds of people just like you transform their bodies and their lives. You will receive instructor led workouts three days per week, a customized nutrition plan, and track your progress with our mobile app.

Don't worry - you won't be alone. You will be part of a small group with other beginners. Your coaches and your new tribe will be there along the way to push you, motivate you, and inspire you to be the best version of you!

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

Real people -  REAL RESULTS! Guaranteed!

Hands down the coaches and the community are my favorite things. They are also the reason I push myself so hard and never think that I can't do something. I couldn't have asked for a better community to become a part of for my experience and I consider myself lucky. When I walk into the gym it's like being surrounded by family. There are no nerves, no worries over looking like an idiot or having to modify a workout, no thoughts of feeling like I don't belong and that's 100% because of the coaches and the people at the gym. Don't let it intimidate you.  It's for anyone and everyone.

The KickStart 6 Week Challenge

Our program will empower you both mentally and physically to succeed!

The KickStart Challenge is a six-week program geared towards giving you the visible, attainable, and sustainable results you want. Here is what you get:

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    18 Training Sessions
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    21 BONUS WORKOUTS for you to do on your own time
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    New You Challenge Mobile App - Powered by Wodify Rise
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    NUTRITION PROGRAM – We show you how to eat the foods you love while still losing weight and reaching your physique goals with our KickStart Basics Nutrition Guide, Shopping Lists and Meal Plan.
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    Small group classes with people just like you lead by our expert coaches
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Meet Jill T.

Jill Thompson was one of our graduates from our very first challenge program ( BodySculpt Bootcamp Aug 2016). It's been incredible watching her develop into the athlete she is today. 

“Thank you, and thanks for not letting me get stuck in the before. I've been training for 14 years, never have I felt this good. "

Kristina H.

Kristina SMASHED this challenge. Her results were amazing! She lost over 3 total inches lost (over 1" in her waist alone), nearly 9lbs lost (lowest body weight in 12 years). "Well first, I’m impressed with myself for sticking to the challenge so strictly throughout the 30 days. My consistency paid off through improved performance, composition (sitting at my lowest weight in 12 years!) and daily habits. I enjoyed that this challenge was not only about diet/fitness, but also lifestyle changes...Overall, I learned a lot about my body and myself and am excited to apply this throughout 2018!"

Timbo P.

Timbo is a local celebrity and he now has the bod to prove it. He recently won our 6 week in-house nutrition challenge. In 6 weeks, Timbo added 2 inches to arms, legs, and an inch in his chest. The photos speak for themselves, but this guy works SO hard. He said his biggest takeaways from the challenge was the importance of meal prepping and sleep! Having meals ready to go will take care of any sudden changes in schedule that can sometimes throw you off track. Proper rest is the number 1 key to any strength and condition program, because this is when your body recovers and hops on the gainz train.

21 Day JumpStart
Nutrition Guide

Get a head start with our free 21 day nutrition plan designed to get you feeling energized and ready for new challenges every minute of your day!

This ebook is complete with meal plans, shopping lists, and all of the recipes you need to get you slimmed down and revved up. Don't wait another minute to start feeling better - download our guide and start today!

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” —Thomas Jefferson